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    Make it yours

    What makes this category so special is your collaboration with the designer. After a series of meetings with Iride De Portu, you’ll own a pair of shoes made exclusively for you. You will in fact experience step by step the art of shoe making. Being part of the complete process, from the conception of the design to the realization of the shoes.

    The first meeting is all about your desires

    You will discuss with the designer about form, type, style and materials you wish your shoes to have. You will also have your feet measured.

    Think about if you would like to wear them on a special occasion or you have a specific outfit you wish to match your new shoes with. Don’t hesitate to bring along a photograph that has aspects you particularly like. But note that in no circumstance will be copied, as the purpose of the Bespoke IDP shoes is to be special and unique both for you and the designer.

    The second meeting is about finalizing the design and materials

    You will talk through the proposed designs and materials that Iride put together just for you.
    You will only continue to this second meeting if you feel confident and wish to proceed with your order.

    The third meeting is focused on the right fitting of the shoes

    You‘ll try on a sample to verify if the shape and size fits right to you and adjustments will be made if necessary.

    The fourth and last meeting a Bespoke IDP pair has been created for you!

    The designer will give you valuable advices and instructions on how to take care of your beloved hand made pair of shoes.

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      Colours and textures playfully join forces in a collection with limited production. The collection consists of seven designs, available in just ten pairs for each design, with the advantage of personalization upon request to fit everybody’s size and taste.

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