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    1. Clean up your shoes using a shoe brush to get out any bits of dirt (if the shoes are wet leave them to dry in room temperature).
    Tip: we better not wear the same pair of shoes again day after day.

    2. Apply with a small brush small amount of shoe cream between the welt and the upper part. Then for the rest of the shoe take a cotton cloth and continue in circular movements to rub in the shoe cream.
    Tip: if you wish to enrich the color of your shoes buy a darker color cream, If you are happy with the existing color buy a lighter one.

    3. Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes.

    4. Brush (like step 1) off residue.

    5. (Optional) For extra shine and protection apply a small amount of wax polish (like step 2)
    Tip: if your shoes are in bad condition repeat this step.

    6. In order to activate the paraphine and make the wax shine, damp with just a little bit of water your cotton cloth and go around your shoes again in circular movements.
    Tip: repeat step 5 and 6 until you are pleased with the results.

    7. Leave to dry 5-10 minutes.

    8. Brush off residue.


    1. Clean up your suede shoes or the part that has suede with a crepe brush (or a soft brush).

    2. Apply a renovator spray from 20cm distant.

    Tip: repeat often this process even if you do not see the need.


    1. Clean up your shoes using a shoe brush to get out any bits of dirt.
    With a small brush and small amount of laundry detergent clean the stains off your shoes.

    2. Damp a cotton cloth and clean the area.

    3. Leave to dry in room temperature.

    Tip: don’t leave your canvas shoes in the sun as they might get discolored.


    Colours and textures playfully join forces in a collection with limited production. The collection consists of seven designs, available in just ten pairs for each design, with the advantage of personalization upon request to fit everybody’s size and taste.

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